Wednesday, November 14

I just signed up to be a subject in a psychology experiment, which involves playing a computer game for two hours and being paid to do it. No need to do a double-take, guys, you read it correctly - I'm being paid to play computer games! It gets better - the experiment is (of course) taking place in the psychology department, and I managed to schedule it such that it occurs right after my practical, in the same bulding. Hence, I can get into the computer gaming mood by not actually doing any real movement beforehand, unless that is they want me to play Dance Dance Revolution, but that'd just be too good to be true.

Also saw a good deal in Game today, a Dreamcast plus three decent games for only 100. Currently mulling over not whether it would be worth it, since it clearly is, but whether I would have enough time to appreciate it, given that I already have a PSOne with DDR and Civ3 to occupy my game-playing time.

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Tuesday, November 13

Recently been feeling severe withdrawal symptoms from playing Dance Dance Revolution. Even playing it on the PSOne doesn't provide a complete solution, considering that I can't always use the TV room and there are few, if any, people who have the wit to grasp a game in which you actually move in Cambridge; so I've only played it a few times this term. No, the only solution is finding an arcade machine which would allow me to play without fear of slipping on the mats.

Short of either blowing a significant portion of my student loan on an arcade machine (but - where would I put it?) or getting the train down to London (I suppose I could always do it as part of a larger trip), I had to uncover a DDR machine directly in Cambridge. Off to Google I went and a few minutes later I was amazed to find that the Anglo-Japanese Society of the University appeared to have the game! Perhaps not an arcade machine, that would be hoping for too much, but at least there were fellow DDRers who had a true appreciation of the beauty of the game.

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Monday, November 12

Films recently seen: Amelie (50) and The Others (160)
Films wanting to see: Taxi, Harry Potter, Battle Royale

Tried to use Google yesterday, but found that I couldn't reach it. Later, I felt that I was not exaggerating when I compared the loss of Google with the shutdown of the entire Internet.

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