Friday, October 12

I've just written an editorial at New Mars - check it out here.

Some interesting links that I saved for a slow news day (I haven't had the time to fully read any of these...):

Politics and the English Language: an essay written by George Orwell in 1946 that will be of interest to those who enjoyed reading 1984 and in particular the science of Newspeak.

An interview with evolutionary psychologist Geoffrey Miller about sexual selection and the mind - such interviews never fail to be interesting.

An article about the 'great Eskimo vocabulary hoax' (cached from Google). Did you know that the Eskimos have over two hundred words for snow? I didn't - because they don't. Here's another essay about the same subject.

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Monday, October 8

Haven't been able to write much lately - been busy reading Possession (which I have now finished) and I'm currently feeling very tired after having gone out rowing this afternoon and walked around town for an hour this evening. I'm thinking about migrating this weblog over to the new Moveable Type system and upgrading the forums Real Soon Now; also thinking about creating a new mini weblog for my occasional random thoughts on massively multiplayer immersive web games.

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