Tuesday, August 21

When my sense of taste (don't laugh) returns, my health was sure to follow - and so it did. I feel much improved and have a new appreciation of the wondrous gift that is the ability to swallow without pain. And my spirits have also been lifted by yet another amusing post by the resident Komodo Dragon of the Culture list. The Komodo Dragon is a recent subscriber to the list and often has problems with typing and speaking, but never fails to come out with inspiring quotes:

Whhhy shold a repptile hav moral probblemsss with killling and eating a mmammmmalll??? Not to menshun thatt asss an asoshial repptile I ddo not beliv I havvv anny moralsss at all. Onnly soshial annnimalsss beliv they have moral obligationssss to otherssss.

Butt one thing I ddo nott underssstand. Once I hav killled the victim, howw do I then usssse the body to gett a fassssster connexshun? I hav tried eating the boddy, and it did tasssste good. Butt my connexion is sssstilll only 300 baud.

Komodo Dragon

And on dating, the dragon has this to say:

Whyyy nnot ttake thhe dirrectt apppproach? Bite himmm on the leggg. He willl bee dead in 72 hoursssss of dissseassse. Hiss territorrry willl bee taken by anotherrr male whooo mayyy bee morre favorabbly inclinnned.

Youu cann thenn eat rotttten casssowary partssss together andd layy yourrr eggsssss - sssimple anddd directtt approachhh.

Komodo Dragon

Heed its words - you know they are true!

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Monday, August 20

One of the most irritating things about being ill is that your sense of taste disappears. It's trouble enough that you're ill, but at least you should be able to enjoy yourself with some good food while you're holed up at home - except for the fact that you can't taste any of it, unless it's extremely sweet or sour (and no, that does not mean that you can taste sweet and sour food, it's not the same). So spaghetti ends up tasting like bland noodles in an indistinct gooey sauce, and chicken is just some kind of textured cooked flesh without flavour.

Worst of all, though, is that this also applies to drinks. And you know what that means - it means I can't taste Ribena properly anymore! I was frankly shocked at this after I drank a glass and realised that it didn't really taste very nice and was in fact quite a bit sour. In case this was due to incorrect preparation (accidents do happen), I had a couple more glasses and the results were the same. Despondently, I gave up on the Ribena for something like two or three days - my longest ever voluntary fast of the drink.

However, I started to feel quite a bit better today and ventured a glass of Ribena. It tasted strangely sweet and wholesome. Could it be that I was regaining my taste? I tried another glass and my suspicions were confirmed - the Ribena Test had proved that my taste faculties were once again back up to scratch and all was happy with the world!

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