Thursday, June 28

The May Ball photos have been updated with (brace yourselves) photos that include me. So there will be no more accusations that I never put photos of myself online - it's just that no-one ever takes them and bothers sending me copies (apart from this case of course).

I'll be off to Amsterdam tomorrow for the press screening of A.I. although I'll be back sometime on Friday.

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Wednesday, June 27

Uploaded photos and commentary for photos I took just before my May Ball, a couple of weeks ago. I'll probably write up a full May Ball report sooner or later.

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Tuesday, June 26

Uploaded photos of a punting trip I took about a week ago in Cambridge. Lots of interesting commentary.

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Just uploaded some photos of the first UK Cloudmakers meeting (a group of people who are involved with the AI game that I always talk about). More photos of pre-May Ball, punting and other shenanigans will be online shortly.

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Sunday, June 24

Amusing quotation from a messageboard discussing the new Civilization 3 game:

"I just hope that the tech tree is well organised, Civilization: Call to Power 2 having fascism as a prerequisite for democracy being an obvious mistake."

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