Friday, June 8

Woohoo! By predicting that Labour would have a 180 majority and that the Lib Dems would have 60 seats in total by the end of the election, I won the equivalent of a subscription to Private Eye in Amazon vouchers in this Metafilter competition run by Nick Sweeney.

The secret of my success? I used this page to input roughly the same Labour majority that they have now, and figure out what total the Lib Dems would probably get (it would increase, obviously).

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Wednesday, June 6

Here's an interesting little website which will tell you where you are on the political compass, called, surprisingly enough, Political Compass. Post your results to this topic, if you want.

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Monday, June 4

More stuff about genetic determinism in an article on BBC News Online about how levels of testosterone influence whether a girl becomes a 'tomboy' or 'very feminine'.

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Sunday, June 3

No real updates for a while since I have exams. I might be popping into the forums every now and again.

Hah - as if this is actually true! (census on teenager's use of computers - strangely enough, games come in last place...)

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