Friday, March 2

Added another couple of thousand words to the trip report. I'll be spending the next few hours/days finishing this thing off.

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Trip report is currently online, and I'm in the process of continuing it. There's a lot of information and photos there, and it's for my benefit as well since I want to remember everything that happened there - it's not an experience I want to forget. Lots of write-up there, which explains the lack of updates recently (well, sort of, anyway.)

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Monday, February 26

Very sorry for lack of updates. You can expect a full trip report tomorrow along with a load of photos. It'll be worth the wait.

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Okay, it just took me 25 minutes to load up my own weblog. This is clearly not a good thing, and the reason why it takes so long is because of the discussion feature I have. So, unless I get a flood of emails or posts in the next day or so arguing otherwise, I'm taking the feature off in the interests of speed and I'll look for something else.

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Back home again. Quite tired. Going to bed. Will post more later.

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