Thursday, October 5

It's taking slightly longer than I expected for my computer to get hooked up to the network, so I've been accessing email and the web via the college PCs (there are a bank of iMacs in the other room, but I suppose it only goes to show that even Cambridge can make mistakes...)

Very interesting day today; I started out on my lectures and to my amazement, found most of them very interesting - definitely a turn up for the books. I also had dinner with my college 'parents', one of whom is simply the real-life version of Jude Law in any of the roles he's been (type)cast in - most obviously The Talented Mr. Ripley and Gattaca. I had half a mind to ask him whether he'd seen the former but decided to keep quiet.

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Tuesday, October 3

Well, I'm safely in Cambridge now, in a veritable whirlwind of Freshers events and various meetings. Things should calm down by the end of the week, which is incidentally when I'll be getting my computer hooked up to the university network, so you can expect proper updates to Vavatch shortly - as well as a proper working webcam window!

All sorts of interesting things going on, such as meeting my college siblings (explanation to come later), one of whom is a Young Conservative and the other a emotionless utilitarianist - who said Cambridge University students were stereotypes, eh? I also managed to meet up with a few of the Culture list people, where we discussed:

o the merits of various films
o why I chickened out of telling Stephen Baxter his last two novels were (ahem) below-par
o the origins of Flaming Ass Filth
o names for Internet startup companies

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