Wednesday, August 16

Well guys, I'm finally back home. And I'm jetlagged. But I've got a hell of an entry for you - in fact, three backlogged months-worth of entries. Check out the Thinkquest site I've been complaining about for God knows how long - Astrobiology: The Living Universe. Comments are appreciated.

And now, I'm going to bed.

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Tuesday, August 15

Ain't technology brilliant? I remember the day when you had to use a telephone to call your friends, a television to watch your favourite Buffy episode, a computer to play Ping, an inflated pigs bladder to play football, a map to find out where you are, a radio to listen to music... Well all this changed with the mobile phone which can apparently do all of this and make your tea and prevent speeding tickets (I wonder if it can write my thesis for me? Shut up Eccles!). It is also getting even worse. Is Big Brother watching you? May I just add at this point that I am NOT watching Big Brother! Anyway, back to the point, which was? Oh yeah, functionality and bloatedness, just like Micro$oft stuff modern technology seems to be going along the lines of "we can do this not because we need to but because we can and we'll make people need it later" or something along those lines. I remember from my engineering lectures a nice little acronym: KISS. Not a bad popular beat combo, but Keep It Simple Stupid!

Talking of pop... Pop quiz hot shot, you've got a Russian nuclear wessel stranded on the bottom of the ocean, what are you going to do? Ohhh, the suspense, a tenner says a TV movie reaches Channel Five within a year and three Hollywood blockbusters on damaged subs follow.

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