Friday, August 11

Ahhh, friday and the poor over worked Eccles (hey stop laughing at the back, I do too work) sits back and gazes up at the stars. "One day man will fly amongst the stars, throwing off the shackles of this abused planet" he thinks. Well according to an American professor that could be in 2014. James Longuski, wow what a name, says there will be a manned mission to mars on 14th January 2014 due to a nice alignment of the planets which allows an easy escape trajectory in case things go wrong. Now that is what I call confidence! Until then Nasa will probably twiddle their thumbs a bit, crash a few more spacecraft and get their funding cut, so don't hold your breath!

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Thursday, August 10

Time for a bit of politics and thoughtful contemplation from the mind of Eccles ('ello bit of politics and an eighties impression of Ben Elton in a flashy suit doing stand up comedy). It concerns the current marches against sex offenders that have been "named and shamed" in a well known tabloid newspaper. Sure, I think sex offenders should be punished for their crimes, but they should also be helped to rehabilitate after serving their time, driving them underground won't help. But here is the bit that really worries me, where is this all going to end? Perhaps they should start naming and shaming other people who have the potential to harm children and other innocent people? Speeding drivers for instance? I am reminded of the famous poem by Pastor Neimoller. You know the one, it goes something like "...and when they came for me, there was no one left to speak out!" Don't let mob rule control our lives, think for yourself and think of others! Now I'm off to save the rest of the planet!

On a brighter note British boys really suck (fnarr fnarr!). This according to the 15 year old daughter of US ambassador to London. Writing in Tatler (ooh eeeer missus!), she writes:

"At first I gave all the boys
who had underwhelmed me the benefit of the
doubt but, after three years, I've finally
distinguished what it is - that American guys
have it and Brits don't.

"After being set up with various public
schoolboys, dating ordinary Londoners and
enduring a great number of drunken stories at
parties, I have a new-found appreciation for
American guys."

Ooooh, well I'm sooooooo soooorrrrrry! Hmm, well maybe this is why I am still single, alone each night with a big bowl of popcorn fawning over Evil Willow and feeling Ally McBeal's pain!

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Tuesday, August 8

Hello, Eccles here again from the Culture (waves to audience). I really ought to be writing my thesis, but this is easier and more fun! Time was when satellites were named after famous scientists or historical figures or at least a God of some sort or another. So, what did they call the new set of Cluster satellites? Rumba, Tango, Samba and Salsa!!!!!!! I mean, what sort of idiot names a set of satellites after a dance? As I recall there was actually a competition to name them, so we only have ourselves to blame, or the judges maybe?

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