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04/08/2002 Entry: "So..."

I think it's appropriate to say now that I don't really feel the urge to update my weblog that often any more. There are two reasons for why someone might want to post a weblog entry, in general.

1) They have something interesting to say, and they have the time in which to write it up
2) They're bored

Usually, at least one of these conditions is fulfilled with passing regularity in my life. Due to a number of recent factors (some fortunate, some unfortunate), I just don't have the time to write stuff up. This is not because I'm bored - on the contrary, I've been doing quite a bit. In the last few weeks I've learnt skiing (managed a red run on my fifth day), read a decent amount of 'proper' books and started to read more interesting stuff on the Internet. I also have a girlfriend.

Books I've read/am reading: Nonzero, Axiomatic, The Emperor's New Mind, Schild's Ladder, Dark Light and The Years of Rice and Salt.

Another problem is that a lot of the stuff that I want to write wouldn't interested people here. I've had a lot of ideas popping up in my head about all sorts of different things, and I think a fresh start in a new sort of weblog would help me express them. What I'm imagining is a differentially updated weblog, consisting of three columns. Column 1 would be updated daily, but with single links or very brief comments. Column 2 would be updated every three days or so, and consist of personal everyday musings, with perhaps paragraph-length posts. Column 3 would be updated weekly, and have page or multiple-page length posts. It would for the greater part concentrate on my new pet thought-hobby, Massively Multiuser Online Entertainment (no, I'm not going to explain that here), but would occasionally discuss various neato biological things.

As I think that there would be a fair number of people interested in Column 3, I'd probably rename the weblog to something memorable, descriptive and snappy like Massive* and register a new domain for it. All my personal stuff would remain at Vavatch. Is this overcomplicated? Probably. It's just that I don't think that an address at vavatch.co.uk is appropriate for this new weblog.

*Unsurprisingly, you can't register any domain called 'massive' since it is a dictionary word. I tried 'mssv', with which I had more success but someone has gone and registered www.mssv.com (but I'd only have to pay $250(!) to buy it. Yeah, right). So mssv.net it is, then.

When will all of this be done? Maybe in a few days, when I'm feeling sufficiently bored. I doubt it will take long to set up - I'll go and use a template CSS design for the layout and just throw on Moveable Type for administration. Nice and easy.

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